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Download Skype For Windows 8.1 | Updated Features

Today I will be helping all the windows 8.1 users on hoe to download Updates Skype For Windows 8.1. Skype has now been updated to be compatible with the latest windows version 8.1 as many users who were previously using Skype for windows had reported a lot complications when using Skype for windows 8.1. But the latest Skype update has been made compatible with the multitasking features of Windows 8.1. All the users who eventually download Skype for Windows 8.1 can use the same of Microsoft Tablets as well as other windows running devices. The most important thing that one can do after downloading the new updated Skype is that, one can perform actions on it and still keep other important tasks on hold.

Skype For Windows 8 1 Download Skype For Windows 8.1 | Updated Features

New Updated Sype For Windows 8.1 – YoungBrigade

Download Skype For Windows 8.1 – Main Updated Features

With windows 8 we all saw the coming of the brand new Skype with its new user interface. But now with Skype for windows 8.1 download and update available, Skype has just taken it to a new level. Some of the features you are equipped with after downloading Skype for Windows 8.1 -

  • Never miss anything again because with the new updated Skype you can answer calls from the lock screen or for that matter even the start screen or if you are in application for that matter.
  • Much more modern new look of Skype for Windows 8.1
  • One can open and close apps on the go with Skype for Windows 8.1
  • The new updated Skype can scale to the size of your devices.
  • In Skype for windows 8.1, the friend list navigation has been made smoother.
  • Sharing of media files has also been made easy for Skype For Windows 8.1

Updated Skype For Windows 8.1 Users – The official Video


How To Download Skype For Windows 8.1

If you are really serious for downloading Skype for Windows 8.1, then the whole app comes in a package of 11 MB and is totally free of cost. All in all i can say that The Skype team with the help of windows has addressed all the issues that were cropping when people were downloading Skype for windows 8.1.

<<<You can download Skype for Windows 8.1 for free here>>> – official application store

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